Reading Intervention

High Noon Books: Hundreds of phonics-Based, hi-lo, and Lexiled reading materials
for at-risk, ESL, and struggling readers.


Professional Development

Arena Press: Teaching Reading Sourcebook,
Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures,and Word ID: Assessment Across
the Content Areas



Special Education
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Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs - 2nd Edition

This book contains 190+ ready-to-use lessons with reproducible worksheets to help adolescents develop the basic skills necessary to experience independence and success in everyday life.
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How to Teach Verbal Behavior

This book explains what verbal behavior is, and how parents and practitioners can teach the individual to use four verbal operants.
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Effective Instruction for Middle School Students with Reading Difficulties: The Reading Teacher's Sourcebook

Students who enter middle school without grade-level reading skills will find themselves at a disadvantage trying to gain content knowledge. This book's 20 step-by-step lessons give language arts teachers tools to help these struggling readers with fluency, comprehension, word recognition, and vocabulary.
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Helping Children Learn

Intervention Handouts for Use in School and at Home, 2nd ed.

Beginning with a short questionnaire to help school psychs target students’ strengths and weaknesses, Helping Children Learn provides worksheets for classroom teachers and parents to help students build academic skills, attention, self-control, listening, and memory ability.
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Nowhere to Hide

This book addresses the consequences of the unabated stress associated with Learning disabilities and ADHD and the toxic, deleterious impact of this stress on kids' academic learning, social skills, behavior, and efficient brain functioning
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Understanding the Nature of Sensory Integration with Diverse Populations

Leading sensory integration researchers present state-of-the-art research and clinical insights on sensory integration theory and practice.
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Emergence - Labeled Autistic

When a child cries out for human contact only to shrink away when it is offered, what can be done to help? A landmark autobiography that answers this question and more.
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Study Skills for Learning Disabled and Struggling Students Grades 6-12 - 4th Ed.

Reproducible exercises designed to improve independent reading skills.
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You Can Control Your Class

Describes how to gain control and keep it, how to teach youngsters to self-start, how to plan ahead for possible misbehavior, teacher voice and attitude, and much more.
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Critical Thinking for Activities of Daily Living and Communication

These picture cards can facilitate community re-entry of adult clients by improving their capacity for communication and performance of activities of daily living.
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Disability, Society, and the Individual-2nd Ed.

This new book provides a comprehensive examination of the experience of disability.
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Unfocused Kids: Helping Students to Focus on Their Education and Career Plans

Unfocused Kids provides a hands-on resource for educators, school counselors, career specialists, classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, career and technical education directors, and others involved in helping students with their plans for after high school.
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