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High Noon Books: Hundreds of phonics-Based, hi-lo, and Lexiled reading materials
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Arena Press: Teaching Reading Sourcebook,
Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures,and Word ID: Assessment Across
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Early Readiness
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Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment (KESA)

Measures Critical Skills that Predict End-of-Year Kindergarten Success

The Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment (KESA) is designed to measure the critical skills that predict end-of-year kindergarten success. KESA supports the early identification and intervention for children who are at-risk for kindergarten retention and Special Education referral.
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Developmental Tasks for Kindergarten Readiness (DTKR-2)

The Developmental Tasks for Kindergarten Readiness-II (DTKR-II) provides objective data on a child's skills and abilities as they relate to successful performance in kindergarten.
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Young Children's Achievement Test (YCAT)

The YCAT provides an early identification of children at risk for later school failure.
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Test of Preschool Early Literacy (TOPEL)

The TOPEL can identify preschoolers who are at risk for literacy problems, allowing early intervention.
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Pre-School Behavior Checklist (PBCL)

The PBCL is a quick screening of preschoolers' behavioral and emotional difficulties. It helps to identify those who are at risk for later developing more serious behavioral problems.
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Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and Language Skills (K-SEALS)

The K-SEALS utilizes subtests for expressive and receptive language, number skills, letter and word skills, vocabulary, and articulation to provide a comprehensive survey of a child's speech and pre-academic development.
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Slosson Test of Reading Readiness (STRR)

The STRR was designed to identify children toward the end of kindergarten or first grade whose emerging competence with reading is problematic and who may require additional instruction or assessment
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Early Reading Assessment (ERA)

This brand-new test is designed to identify reading problems in young children. It can be used by classroom teachers, special educators, speech pathologists, and school psychologists.
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Number Sense Screener (NSS)

The Number Sense Screener is a quick, reliable, and affordable screener useful to identify students in kindergarten and first grade at risk of later math difficulties, and to design intervention.
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